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Frequently Asked Questions

Why our exchange?

1. We can exchange US Dollars, Euro, to Bitcoins. And Bitcoins back to US Dollars or Euro.

2. We can exchange bitcoin to cash via International Bank Wire, PayPal, Western Union, Bank Cheque and VISA CARD.

3. We offer anonymous exchange. Entering your real name and details is pure voluntarily.

4. We send and accept payments and withdraw worldwide. Without limits.

5. We offer unique VISA Bitcoin ATM card which you can use like ordinary VISA card but this one is ANONYMOUS.

Do you accept payment by Skrill?

Not at this time.

Do you accept Western Union and Money Gram?

We accept Western Union. We do not accept Moneygram.

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Yes but be aware PayPal have limits and they can stop the transfer anytime. So use PayPal at your own risk.

Other possible ways of payment?

Please contact us for details. We are able to solve any possible payment situation or request.

How long will I wait for a transfer?

On average, about 1 - 2 hours. Sometimes, very rare, when there is too many requests it can be up to 24 hours.

Can I fund exchange with credit card? Like Visa or MasterCard?

Sorry, it's not possible yet. This feature will be available in future.

What bank can be used as withdrawal options?

We can withdraw your funds to any bank worldwide.

From what bank can I deposit to exchange?

Deposit is possible from every bank worldwide. If you prefer fast deposit please send the funds in U.S. dollars.

How much time it takes for the bank to deposit and/or withdraw?

  • Asia 1-2 days
  • Europe 1-2 days
  • USA and Canada 2-4 days
  • Other countries 2-5 days