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The Terms of Use:

The website is a property of Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Exchange Base") and is carried out according to the Terms of Use expressed here. Users of this website declare themselves in agreement with these Terms of Use and agree that Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. can be in no way be made liable for the misuse or unauthorised use of this website. For all current registered members of EXCHANGE BASE, all membership terms and conditions as agreed upon in this Disclaimer Terms and Privacy Policy are still applicable at all times.
The use of website is permitted exclusively for informational purposes as well as for private and professional purposes. All contents of this website including but not limited to images, text, animations, and videos are protected by copyright by Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. and by other subjects. This is regardless of whether the contents are provided for a fee or free of charge. Any type of duplication, distribution, renting, lending, publication, or other use of any type at all requires the explicit written permission of Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. Violations of this requirement can result in legal consequences, particularly under trademark, copyright and competition law. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. was allowed by other subjects and companies to retains rights and usage rights for contents provided on this website.

Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. will use its best endeavours to present correct and current information on this website but will however assume no liability of any kind for the current status, correctness, completeness, legality and/or quality of the provided information. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. is not liable for any loss that arises from the accessing of or use or non-possible use of this website, or the possible errors and omissions therein. Technical errors and/or maintenance work, as well as other causes (such as "Act of Nature") can lead to a brief or lengthy loss of access to the website. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. assumes no liability whatsoever for the availability or accessibility of the website. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. is not liable for any material or immaterial damages (such as foregone profits, frustrated expenditure, damages due to loss of data, claims due to unlawful enrichment, legal fees, or contract drafting costs), which occur due to the use of the provided information, use of incorrect or incomplete information respectively.

Users of EXCHANGE BASE declare themselves in agreement with the fact that access to and entire use of this website and its contents occur at their own risk. All offers are subject to change and not-binding. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. can, at any time, without prior notice, make adjustments, changes, and removals to all or part of the website or its contents. Furthermore, Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. is not responsible for hyperlinks and their contents. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. does not assume any liability of any kind for the current status, correctness, completeness, legality and quality of these hyperlinks. Any liability claims lie with the provider of the linked website. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. has no control over the current or future structure or contents of these hyperlinks. Therefore, Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. expressly distances itself from the contents of all hyperlinks which were changed after linking as well for entries in any Social Media forums. Ongoing control of the linked websites is not reasonable without the concrete indication of legal infringements. As soon as Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. becomes aware of such legal infringement such hyperlink will be removed immediately.

Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. places great value on the careful and confidential handling of personal data. In cases where there is the possibility of entering personal or business data (e-mail, names, addresses, phone numbers) as part of the EXCHANGE BASE website, then the entry of such data is expressly on a voluntary basis by the user.
If parts or single wordings of the content in any manner do not or no longer correspond with the current legal situation, the remaining part of this document and its contents and validity remain unaffected.


Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. take the security of your personal data very seriously and aim to ensure a safe use of EXCHANGE BASE. We undertake to adhere to the data protection laws. This privacy policy describes the data we collect from you and explains how we safeguard this data. As our website is continuously developing to improve our services it is possible that this privacy policy must be changed as well. We thus recommend reading this privacy policy from time to time. The current date version of this document is November 2017. is an international website portal. The personal data that we collect from you and save is your login name, password in encrypted form, nationality, email address. In addition, you can send us a message by using the provided text field or email. Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. is of course aware that not all of the aforementioned personal data can be demanded due to the respective national laws. Personal data collected will be used for internal purposes only and not shared with other parties.
By using EXCHANGE BASE you agree to the electronic storing and processing of your personal data you entered by registration process.

Data security

Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. does not forward any personal data to third parties. However, as part of the electronic processing and management, your data will be forwarded within the Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. datacentres. By using EXCHANGE BASE you consent to this. To safeguard your data we use encryption software for the data transmission (SSL encryption), firewalls, anti-hacker hardware and other up-to-date safety precautions. By request we can inform you which data we have received from you. Further, you can ask us to change or delete your stored data at any time.


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